Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hunt Hints

01 : I'm thirsty
02 : Eye don't think I can face this!
03 : A Fairytale of spiders will lead the way.
04 : Small store, hint not needed
05 : Check hinter at landing for most recent clue
06 : What lurks in the shadows beneath the stairs
07 : Wonder what the postage on these is?
08 : Has this one been cropped?
09 : Whats on?
10 : I love a curtain call
11 : Check hinter at landing for most recent clue
12 : Use your legs and find illumination?
13 : Did you know pumpkins grew on trees?
14 : It watches down from on high
15 : Ask the nice man for a hint
16 : Go to the second the black'll find your pumpkin there.
17 : Dolly says she is scared!!!
18 : Dancing an Improptu
19 : Heads up!
20 : It could be a bird or a gift, I dont know I´ll keep being sitting here waiting
22 : it's in margaritaville
23 : hanging around sweet treats for halloween
24 : I have a terrible headache
25 : You will find this one trying to blend in with the other NEW pumpkins
26 : Scary scars around your pumpkin
27 : look high..I am watching you;) find me..
28 : Full Force Pedal to The Metal when sitting in the Tattoo Artist's Chair
29 : Hit the hint giver at the store (outside to the left of the store)
30 :Hit the hint giver at the store (back wall of the store)
31 : Reach for the sky..
32 : How did that roll under there?
33 : Take a rest in front of the eiffel tower.
34 : No hint, store owner request
35 : I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off (english football song before anyone asks wtf lol)
36 : If you dont find this hunt gift you will turn into a real basket case.
37 : Hit the instore hint giver (right of the door as you rez)
38 : No hint needed, just take a stroll around the store you will see it
39 : Hit the hint giver cube
40 : Mally says "relax"
41 : I am smiling right?
42 : What lurks skyward?
43 : See hint giver in store
44 : Hidden in the Chest
45 : Vampires have good hearing!
46 : Ria keeps it safe for you
47 : Look up, look down, look under and behind......
48 : Lovely view don't you think?
49 : One of many, which one is right?
50 : With his brothers and sisters!
51 : They all look the same to me
52 : Splish splash
53 : "Ghosties guard your prize don't be scared"
54 : Lol this is funny
55 : He leaves a slimey trail!
56 : Back to nature
57 : This prize is rather grand!
58 : Give him a big hug
59 : Look it thinks its a birdy
60 : The only way is up, follow the bats
61 : I see a sign!
62 : Right where you'd expect me to be
63 : Gifts Galore
64 : Its time to step up and hunt!
65 : I love it when swans sing
66 (PLEASE NOTE IT IS A KIDS STORE) : What's that in the window?
67 : He he he, these lucky chairs have nothing on me!
68 : Pumpkins are everywhere! To find the one you seek go IN and UP
69 : Hey who ripped these?
71 : Whattt... This girl has such FREAKY eyes!!
72 : AA..BB.._ _
73 : Feel free too PLANT your ass down and rest some!!!!
74 : I'm the 'new' kid on the block!
75 : *grumblegrumble* Why do I always get stuck in the corner?
76 : I meet with others who look like me
77 : Careful not to lose your head!
78 : Happy Halloween! Try and find me!
79 : How do these things grow in such a HIGH and DARK place?
80 : This bag of halloween harvests holds a special surprise!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Hunt is now FULL

If you are looking to be a vendor in this hunt please be aware that only stand in positions are avaliable.

Timeline for Vendors

Sept 15th : Last chance to rez your poster, if it is not done by this time you will be moved from your position in the hunt to a lower one behind the people who have rezzed there poster. If it is your 3rd warning you will be removed from the hunt all together.

Oct 13th : Last chance to rez your item next to the poster (empty with next LM in). Again if this is not done you will be bumped down the hunt order or even removed all together.

Oct 15th : All items must be hidden by Noon SLT on this day (7pm UK time). Failure to do so will result in a stand in taking your place.

I spent a lot of time last hunt chasing stores to rez a hunt item or poster. I won't be doing it again. If its not done, your removed.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rules for Vendors

Rules and info.

1. The item entered into the hunt has to be your own creation. I especially will not allow "business in a box freebies" or downloaded art from the internet.

2 The prize must be exclusive for the duration of the hunt. Please do not enter something you already sell. If you wish to tweak an item you already have for sale to make it relevant to the theme of the hunt then that is fine, but I will not accept carbon copies, nor a reused hunt item from a different hunt.

3. I hope to now sound like I am teaching you to suck eggs but ensuring that the hunt prize is a good reflection of your products in store, and to a good standard is important.

4. Please place the object where camming is the only thing needed to find it. Please don't place it deep within another object where only wireframe shows its there.

5. I will allow resizing of the hunt object but it HAS to be of a decent size so that it can be seen when a hunter is relatively close to it.

6. Decoys are permitted but please use a clue within the decoy to the true location.

7. Hints and the blog. All hints will be kept on the blog along with the SLURLS for each store, no names will be used to ensure that people don't pick and choose their favorite stores then quit the hunt.

Moving the object is more than acceptable, as cheat sheets are usually around after the 1st hour of a hunt, however, you are requested to inform me of any location change so that the blog can be kept up to date.

A hint will be needed before the hunt starts so that the blog is ready to go as soon as the hunt begins. If you wish to not have any hint at all then you must inform me to opt out. If you have not and I have not received a hint by the walk-through of the hunt I will write my own hint for your store location.

8. You will not need to rename or renumber your hunt item once you recieve it. I place all the LMs, labelled and numbered personally and I also name each item. You may have to set them to sale for 0L though

9. Abscence : if you are going to be away then please let me know. That way if there are problems you are less likely to be removed from the hunt. It always wise to have someone who can sort it for you in your abscence.

10. Problems and issues involving signs/hunt ojects (missing or not set to sale): Any problems i come across i shall document down on the hunt spread sheet. I will then send you an offline IM and a notecard talking about the issue I need rectifying and a time frame in which I need this doing by. If you exceed the time frame then you will lose your place in the hunt.

11. Change in LMS/Store moving : If your store is moving, please inform me as soon as you can so that i can contact the store infront of you and send out the relevant information in a NC to them. I would suggest, if possible, to leave a LM giver to your new location at the old store, or keep the hunt object out at the old location for as long as you can until the LMs have been swapped over, this will ensure the hunt doesn't stop at an empty parcel.

Thank you for reading.

Maleficent Benoir

Application for Vendors



WIthin the NC please copy paste the details below and send them to me.

Your name :
Store name :
LM :

What you would like to make for an addicted to halloween hunt:

Note : Applying does not mean you will be accepted. A confirmation NC will be sent in due course if your store is accepted onto the hunt.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

new blog and poster design

Effum Ink owner.. Acid Chrome has kindly done the hunt poster... again. She is also our sponsor store, yay.

All change getting ready for the new hunt, hope you like the new style.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hunt is now over...

Thank you vendors and hunters alike for taking part in the second Addiction Hunt. It was very successful.

I hope you enjoyed yourselves and love the items which were made for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Addicted to Halloween Hunt.. coming your way Oct 15- Nov 15th.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hunt Rules

A reminder as some people are breaking them...


2. NO slating the hunt objects or hiding spots in group chat, will result in an immediate ban. Vendors work hard, they don't need people putting the work they do down.

3. NO giving out direct locations or SLURLS in group or in store, will result in an immediate ban. This leads to unneeded extra work for the store owners as they have to go rehide the item.

These rules are in the hunt group, and also now on here. Telling me "You didn't know the rules" will not wash.

Please be respecful and abide by the rules.... thank you.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Stores with issues


Store 78 : Has Dropped out of the hunt

All information, LMs to missing stores, can be found in the official group

Hunt Hints

When broken locations are fixed I will send a notice out in the official hunt group, which can be found HERE.

01: Jan you wear them well
02: Hit the instore hint giver
03: A shot in the butt?
04: If you Plaid your cards right you may find your prize
05: Boy, those stairs can be hard to navigate but its worth it to make it to the top.
06: Slow and steady wins the race.
07: Your tire is flat !
08: This store has skirts and much more
09: Hit the instore hint giver ( DO NOT BUY THIS, POKE IT ONCE)
10: Take a seat and relax for a while
11: You can find this in the deep forest, she looks so pretty in green
12: Pillar Fight!!!
13 : Stool Pigeon
14: Who planted this one here? Perhaps its a gift?
15: This Kitty may have an addiction
16: Time to branch out a bit
17: So freakin' highhhh
18: Time to step up
19: What do you wear for school?
20: Time to get some Ink
21: Hit the Hint Giver
22: Eye think I know where this one is
23: Want to visit the main store?
24: She is quite gothic TAKE TP TO NEW LOCATION
25: Careful she bites
26: Look low, behind or between
28: Ingrid keeps this one safe
29: Hit the Hint Giver
30: Going on your travels?
31: The wise one keeps it save (2 needles)
32a: What a view... I can see the sea
32b: Leo looks rather skinny to me!
33: No hint needed- store owner request
34: One thing we know for sure is Death is Certain
35: Hit the Hint Giver
36: That much cake will surely put you under!
37: Because I got high..
38: Be one with the mushroom
39: Time to step up!
40: Hit the Hint Giver
41: This one is trying to grow, but wait it doesn't have leaves.
42: Syringes may cause Piercings of the skin so beware
43: Time for a rest hunters
44: Harry Potter would be comfy with this needle
45: Free at last!
46: Oh Suzani, don't you cry for me.
47: Welcome to Hell
48: I heart my dress
49: Shower me with purple kisses
50: Hit the instore hint giver ( DO NOT BUY THIS, POKE IT ONCE)
51: Time for a trim
52: Sometimes everyone needs a thearapy;)
53: Gosh I love hunting
54: i am lost in pillars!!!!
55: Up the Stairs in the orange room I'll be sitting in the corner waiting for you.
56: The first step to controlling your addiction is to admit you have one.
57: Who dropped that down there?
58: He may be cute but he has an addiction too
59: (1/2) They make great darts! But which one is real?(2/2) Are they fragile?
60: Under a mannequin
61: This one is hanging around, but don't fall behind
62: If you find this you're very bright
63: Hit the hint giver (tp zone may be a bit off, if you fall to your doom just try tping back, camming inside and sitting on something)
64: Whats on the menu?
65: Woman who lost her head !
66: Are you a nice girl?
67: Hit the hint giver
68: Who doesn't love straps and buckles?
69: Denisa knows where it is, do you?
70: Don't fall behind
71: I seem to be in my right element.
72: Don't hide behind things, don't be ashamed your into mushrooms!
73: This will leave you beaming
74: Anabell guards your prize
75: Listen to the music
76: This needle likes to growl... RAWR
77: Anybody for a game of Monopoly
78 : See bottom of post
79: I think she has an addiction!
80: Check behind
81: Time for a rest I think The End

When hunting please spend more than 2 mins looking for an item. It is a hunt remember.

Also I know exactly what items are broken/not set to sale etc. They are noted down here, I spent so much time in the last hunt going around showing people things worked. If it is not noted down on here then it is working fine.


Its that time.....

The hunt begings TODAY at noon SLT.

Hints will be posted at that time (or an hour or so before)

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sneaky Preview 1

Here we have a sneaky peek of 2 of our amazing prizes up for grabs...

From the wonderful ::[-iPoke-]:: .... a great piercing set. Steele is a very very talented dude. Love the store muchly.


[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] has a wonderful item to give away too, this amazing addiction set for your arm. Loving it :)

Keep your peepers peeled for more previews.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hunt Group has Changed

Please note that the hunt group is now different. The old group has been dissolved. Group chat is now blocked and you can no longer enrol into the hunt group.

The NEW hunt group can be located inworld, either be searching for The Addiction Hunt Group, by looking up Maleficent Benoir in world and going through the profile, or by doing the following.

Copy paste the following URL inworld


Friday, 21 May 2010

Hunt is now FULL

For all vendors interested, to let you know that the hunt is now full.

I am only taking standbys incase a store drops out, this doesn't mean you will definately get a place in the hunt.

All applications from now on in must state if they are ok being a stand in only, any which don't state this will not be accepted.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Only a couple of spots left

There are only a couple of spots left in the hunt, till we reach 80. If you still wish to be considered, for if someone drops out (cause that always happens) lol. Then please let me know.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Still taking Applications

Either until the beginning of July (1st) or until the 80 places are full. Whichever comes 1st ;)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Information for Vendors


Back in september of last year I ran the Addiction hunt. It had a lot of success and went very well. I hope to be running this hunt July 15th to August 15th, final dates are not confirmed yet.

I would like to again run this hunt with fantastic designers and amazing shops as last time.

I hate writing essays about things, not many people have the time to read through long winded things, so I shall keep it short.

The basis of the addiction hunt is to cater for those addicted to hunts. The theme being things people are addicted too, such as Candy, shoes, hair, accessories etc. The scope is huge. People addicted to hunts like everything :)

This hunt will not run any larger than 80 Vendors (100 I find too large). Because of the smaller number it will be 1st come 1st served.

If you are not interested at all, then thank you for taking the time out to read this brief introduction to the hunt.

If you are interested and require further details, just fill in the detail bit below so i know who to contact back with further information. Then send this back to me renamed "The Addiction Hunt - (your store name) "

Name of Avatar:
Store Name:
LM of Store:

Thank you so much for your time,
Maleficent Benoir

Addiction Hunt is Returning...

Any interested vendors please contact Maleficent Benoir